Signs That Roof Renewal Services Are Necessary

Posted on: 6 November 2017


If you've purchased an older home, roof repairs and replacement are services that you will likely require in the future. Therefore, it would be advisable to know how to spot the signs of advancing deterioration and have it remedied before your primary structure becomes at risk of disintegration too. Below are telltale signs that roof renewal services are imminent. 

The onset of watermarks inside your residence

When your roof has begun succumbing to leaks, one of the first signs that you will notice is watermarks developing indoors. The watermarks may start off as subtle yellowing at the corners of your walls and the edges of your ceiling. Some people may disregard these marks as signs of the building ageing, but it is recommended to have a contractor inspect the damage to discern how severe it is.

Left unaddressed, the watermarks will steadily spread across your ceiling and start to darken over time. By this point, finding the source of the leak can prove difficult as it means the water has had a chance to trickle all over your building and leave damage in its wake. It is prudent to hire a roofer to inspect your entire roof and perhaps a plumber too just in case a leaking pipe is the cause.

Structural damage to your exterior walls

Another sign to be wary of that would indicate imminent roof renewal services is the exterior walls of your structure starting to become an eyesore. Exterior walls will typically show signs of water damage at their base due to rising damp. If the signs of damage appear to start from the top of your roof, the likelihood is you have leaks in your roof. A few of the things to be on the lookout for is crumbling wall surfaces, discolouration on the walls and watermarks just as in the interior of your home. Exterior wall damage should be a significant red flag as this also translates into future foundation damage if it is not addressed promptly.

Structural changes to your roof shingles

Any visible signs of fundamental change to your shingles should have you call a roofer as it means your roofing system is no longer as flush as it should be. Cupping is one of the most prevalent forms of damage, and it manifests as the edges of the shingles curling up. When this happens, there is space left for water ingress, which can compromise the roofing system. Other structural changes include warping, broken shingles and more.