• 5 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Home

    A skylight could be just the thing to improve a tired old room in your home. There are several benefits to a new skylight installation that one must consider.  1. Solar Heating A major cause of high winter energy charges is heating the home. Skylights capture much more of the weaker winter sunlight than the standard windows that are low on the wall and often blocked by shrubbery and the shading of nearby structures.
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  • How Gutter Guards Protect a Home

    The gutters on your house are intended to carry rainwater. However, they form troughs that can capture other unwanted things, such as leaves, and serve as a cosy spot for rodents to nest in. Other elements that can enter unprotected gutters are live embers that drop into the channels during a fire. To prevent these things from settling in your gutters, you can cover them with a guard. Here is an explanation of how gutter guards can protect a home.
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