Symptoms of Hail Damage on Your Roofing

Posted on: 17 November 2017


When it comes to roof damage, the most common form that homeowners pay particular attention is water damage, which is unsurprising considering that precipitation can cause a host of conditions ranging from corrosion, decay and more. Nevertheless, this does not mean that hail damage is not a serious concern too. Spotting the signs of damage can mean the difference between minor repairs and entire replacement. So what are some of the symptoms of hail damage to be wary of?

Dents in your gutters

After a hailstorm, your roof may develop dents in some areas due to the impact of the hailstones. Do not make the mistake of assuming dents are innocuous merely because they did not break the surface of your roofing materials. Dents in your gutters mean that they have acquired physical damage. The extent of this damage could range from the loosening of the fasteners, pulling away of the gutters, impairment of the gutter screens and more. It is critical to hire a roofing contractor to assess the condition of the roofing supplies and determine what repairs would be prudent to remedy the hail damage.

Cracks in your shingles

Another serious risk posed by a hailstorm is cracks and breakage of roofing shingles. Shingles may be durable, but if they are aged, the likelihood of structural damage becomes high, even with small hailstones. Nonetheless, since not many homeowners take the time to inspect their shingles, the destruction may go unacknowledged indefinitely. You will then begin to notice leaks forming in your roofing due to the cracked shingles. If your location has recently experienced a hailstorm, you should hire a contractor to assess the shingles of your roof, so any potential risks are spotted in time. Moreover, do not wait for the shingles to break to replace them. You would rather have them switched out once they show signs of cracking, as the next hailstorm would cause even more devastation to your roof.

Bruising on your structure

Bruising is another type of hail damage that tends to be neglected as people will assume it is not a serious impairment. The bruising will manifest as pockmarks on your structure that may not be as deep as dents, but will still alter the appearance of the structure. It is advisable to have the dimples caused by the hailstones examined to determine whether they pose accelerated wear to your structure, enabling you to seek hail damage repairs before they become cataclysmic.