5 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Home

Posted on: 9 May 2022


A skylight could be just the thing to improve a tired old room in your home. There are several benefits to a new skylight installation that one must consider. 

1. Solar Heating

A major cause of high winter energy charges is heating the home. Skylights capture much more of the weaker winter sunlight than the standard windows that are low on the wall and often blocked by shrubbery and the shading of nearby structures. The more solar heat that is allowed in via the skylight, the less need there is to set the furnace at a high temperature because the home will warm up naturally.

2. Natural Light

Skylights also allow in plenty of natural light. Not only does this further save on energy costs because you need to use fewer electric lights during the day, but natural light can also boost one's mood. Even your home's design and decor will look nicer when lit up with natural light as opposed to electric bulbs, which can increase your enjoyment of the space. 

3. Increased Privacy

It can be frustrating when you want to throw open the drapes to allow in some light, but you also crave privacy from your neighbors or passers-by on the street. Skylights can solve this problem quite elegantly. The ground-level drapes can remain closed, allowing one their privacy while still allowing plenty of sunlight in. This is especially useful in ground floor bedrooms where privacy is at a premium but morning light can help one get ready to face the day ahead. 

4. Better Air Flow

Not all skylights are fixed in place. Operable options are available, which can allow one to open up the skylight so that it is vented to the outside air. This is especially lovely in the warm months. As hot air rises, being able to vent a skylight allows the warmer air out of the home. Opening a lower window will then draw in cooler air, ensuring good airflow that both freshen the home and ensures that the hot air doesn't make the room feel stale or muggy.

5. Higher Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, a well-placed skylight can increase your home's value by quite a bit. Not only will the natural light show off the room to potential buyers for a short-term boost in value, but the benefits listed above will also add value to the home. 

Contact a skylight installer to learn more about the available options that will work in your home.