How Gutter Guards Protect a Home

Posted on: 11 January 2022


The gutters on your house are intended to carry rainwater. However, they form troughs that can capture other unwanted things, such as leaves, and serve as a cosy spot for rodents to nest in. Other elements that can enter unprotected gutters are live embers that drop into the channels during a fire. To prevent these things from settling in your gutters, you can cover them with a guard. Here is an explanation of how gutter guards can protect a home.


Gutters often capture plenty of leaves. Trees may overhang your house and shed their foliage, or leaves can be carried by the breeze. This build-up creates a lot of upkeep as you'll have to regularly get on a ladder to clean them out or pay someone else to do this. Clogged gutters are not only an eyesore, but they can lead to moisture damage if the rain spills over the sides and flows down the external walls.

However, a mesh gutter guard will let the rain pass through the holes but stop the leaves from piling up. You can install a metal or plastic leaf guard. It will need to be resilient to water, so you could opt for aluminium, which is flexible and rust-resistant. Some plastic guards are effective but can become brittle in the heat and degrade quickly. If you have a tree that sheds tiny flowers, install a mesh with little holes to block them from falling into the gutters.


A simple gutter guard can also protect your house from rodents and birds nesting in the gutters and spreading disease. Gutters form a hollow that attracts pests. If you want a gutter guard for this reason, make sure it is tough enough so animals can't gnaw through the mesh.

Aluminium and steel will often form more robust guards than vinyl. Gutter guards can vary in thickness. For example, they may be about 1 mm for a residential house and 1.5 mm or so for a commercial property. The thicker mesh will make it harder for animals to get through.


Another danger from which a gutter guard can protect your home is fire. A house can be set alight as flying embers from a nearby fire settle in the gutters. To prevent this from happening, you need a mesh with minuscule holes to stop embers. Look for a fire-rated product if this hazard is your primary concern. Of course, you'll also need materials like steel or aluminium that won't catch alight and spread the fire around the roof perimeter.

Contact a local gutter service to learn more about gutter guards.