Answering Some Common Questions About Timber Framing and Trusses for a Home

Posted on: 21 November 2017


Timber framing and trusses for a home can make the structure look rugged and rustic, as well as open and airy. Timber framing and roof trusses are also very strong, so a house is less likely to settle and shift over time when you choose this style and material for its construction.

If you've considered timber framing trusses for your home, or enjoy timber features in a home's interior, note a few questions you might have about this material. You can then determine if it's the best choice overall.

Is post and beam construction a timber frame?

Today's timber frames are often made from separate pieces, called posts and beams, which are then joined together with large metal fasteners. These fasteners are left exposed, to add to the frame's rustic look. Post and beam construction doesn't mean that the pieces are any smaller or larger, or that they won't look as rustic, or will be overly imposing; this simply refers to how they're constructed and connected, with those connectors being exposed for an added decorative touch.

Is reclaimed wood still strong and durable?

Reclaimed wood refers to wood taken from older homes and construction projects; this might include buildings that were being torn down, or those that were being remodelled. Even though these pieces of reclaimed wood are then somewhat old, this doesn't mean that the material is somehow weak, as wood itself can last for decades without weakening. Also, older wood has had more time to dry out completely, so it may be even denser and stronger than freshly sawn wood. If you're looking for an eco-friendly choice that is still very durable, ask your contractor about the use of reclaimed wood for timber framing or roof trusses.

What are timber features and hybrid framing?

A hybrid frame means that part of the home's framing is made from timber beams, and part of it is made with traditional studs and joists. This style might include timber roof trusses in the entryway or family room, but with standard, covered roof joists throughout the rest of the home. You then have a grand and open look from those trusses, which can usually be added to your existing stick-built home.

Timber features are just that; thick timber beams used as accessories in the home. This might mean timber slats for flooring, or timber beams that are just decorative columns in a room with an elevated ceiling; these features add some rustic charm to the home, without it being constructed entirely with timber framing.