Granny Flats- providing affordabilty and financial freedom

Posted on: 20 March 2020


It's no secret that most people are after homes that offer a second income opportunity, such as a council approved granny flat. People are starting to realise that granny flats not only offer a second income but also offer a convenient second place for growing family needs.  

Granny Flats as a Second Living Space

Many people find it comforting to house their elderly parents beside them. This not only helps them avoid cost of aged care facilities but also helps keep family close. Another way to use this living space is for growing children. As children grow and reach their teenage years and beyond they need more privacy and living space. Parents can use granny flats to provide them with a private space or house children to help them save rental costs or to save money for a property they wish to buy. The latest designs in granny flats are different from those in the past and offer modern living with all functional features such as a kitchen with all appliances and a toilet. This means that that one does not have to compromise on comfort or style!

Granny Flat Kits are an Affordable Option

Many people may not be aware that Granny Flat Kits allow one to have a state of the art granny flat in their backyard at an affordable price. These kits can be used to make one or two bedroom granny flats that offer space, comfort and are designed to perfection. These granny flats can be easily rented out for property owners to earn a second income. This makes granny flats a financial asset that provides incomes for years to come.

Granny flat kits come with all of the equipment and materials required to build the granny flat. All one has to do is choose a design and the kit will get delivered straight to their doorstep. 

Types of Granny Flats

There is a huge variety of designs and configurations that one can choose from when building a granny flat from a premade Granny Flat Kit. One can choose every aspect of the granny flat to their liking, including the flooring and wall designs. This means that one can build a granny flat according to their budget without breaking the bank. One can even choose to install air conditioning and heating and this will also come with the package!

It's vital that careful research is carried out into different types and prices of granny flats before selecting one.