Reasons To Undertake A Tiled Roof Restoration

Posted on: 21 August 2020


The roofing of a home covers a large area, and thus, it shapes both the presentation of your home and how it functions. Whether you're mending the roof tiles all the time, thinking of selling, or wanting to maintain a cooler home, a restoration might be the answer. Consider the following reasons why you might undertake such an upgrade.   

You're Continually Fixing Holes  

If the roof is falling apart and you're continually fixing tiles and repairing flashing, a restoration might turn out to be a better investment. Contractors can overhaul everything at once, pressure-washing and inspecting every square centimetre. Once they've identified current problems and seen clues of impending ones, they can address the totality. After all, if water seeps into your roof cavity, it can cause extensive damage, rotting timber and ceiling plaster issues. A restoration will ensure everything is sound so you won't always be fixing spot fires.   

You're Selling Your Home  

A broken-down roof will be a hindrance if you're selling your home. Prospective buyers could be frightened off — not sure of the extent of the damage. You might know the rest of the building structure is sound, but crumbling, shabby roofing could fill their minds with doubt. However, after a restoration, buyers can relax knowing that one major component of the house won't need updating in the near future. They can feel more trust in purchasing your home.  

The process of a roof restoration also involves spreading a colour-enhancing sealant over the top of the tiles. You can enrich the existing hue or transform its tone. A lustrous roof will boost the rest of the facade so that the entire place will look in better condition. Everything else will bask in the glory of a beautiful crowning rooftop.  

To Save On Energy Bills  

Tiles, both terracotta and concrete, are known for their relatively high thermal mass, which means they tend to absorb heat and discharge it hours later. This can be handy if you live in a region with cold nights, as the roof will transmit its warming power then. But otherwise, you might prefer your tiles didn't absorb solar heat in the first place. A restoration can address this issue as contractors can cover the roof in a reflective coat that bounces the heat away instead. Thus, your home will be cooler and more comfortable — plus, you'll save on air conditioning costs throughout the summer.

Reach out to professionals for more information about roof restoration.