Reasons to Restore Your Home's Roofing

Posted on: 8 February 2021


The roof covers a vast area of a home, so its appearance will help create a wonderful or an unsightly facade. Roofing also affects a building's energy efficiency, making it better or worse. If you undertake a roof restoration, you can expect improvements in both of these domains, aesthetic and practical. To discover more detailed reasons to take on such a project, read on.

Improve Energy Efficiency

You can make your home more energy-efficient with a roof restoration so that it won't need so much heating and cooling to keep it comfortable. The crawl space — the area between the ceiling and roof cladding — creates a buffer between the rooms and outside temperatures. If the tiles or metal roof cladding has holes, then hot or cold air, depending on the season, flow into this roof cavity area. Then, the only barrier between the rooms and outdoor air is the thin ceiling plaster, which isn't designed to be insulating.

A roof restoration will fix any leaks in the cladding so that the temperature in the crawl space is better controlled and your home will be more comfortable and energy-efficient. Contractors can further enhance the building by covering the roof in coatings that reflect solar radiation and waterproof it against the rain.

Protect Your Home from Rainwater Damage

A roof restoration will protect your home from moisture damage that rainwater can inflict. Cracked tiles or decayed metal not only let air into the roof cavity, but holes also allow rainwater to seep inside. This moisture can rot and warp timber battens, rafters, and ceiling joists. Plus, water ruins roof insulation and ceiling plaster, causing mould and mildew to fester. A restoration process is comprehensive, as contractors check the condition of the entire roof. They don't just focus on a particular spot if you have an obvious hole. In this way, they can find gaps before they cause damage. Mending timber beams, insulation, and ceiling plaster are expensive, and a roof restoration helps avoid damage to those areas.

Enhance the Kerb View

A roof restoration will also enhance the kerb view, which is especially helpful if you're selling your home. During the restoration, contractors pressure wash the cladding and replace any unsightly chipped tiles or rusty metal. Plus, they can cover the roof in different sealants to boost its hue. You could choose a new colour that better complements the external siding and trim or make the existing roof shade more lustrous with a fresh coat.

Reach out to a roof restoration professional to get started.