Why You Should Choose a Metal Roof Replacement Over Your Other Options

Posted on: 16 July 2021


When it comes to roofing you have a plethora of options available to you. From traditional clay and slate tiles to more modern variants like concrete and even polycarbonate options. However, there is still one option that is more valuable to many Australian's than any of those aforementioned versions. Metal roofing has many benefits that its competitors simply cannot compete with. If you need a new roof because your old one has a major structural issue with it, then the only thing on your mind is probably how to avoid this disaster from happening again. Here's how a metal roofing replacement can help you achieve that.

Metal Lasts Longer Than Tiles

Tiles might look good and can last for a couple of decades, but they simply do not have the inner strength that structural metal does. Tiles made of more natural materials, like clay and slate, are even more susceptible to wind, water, dust and pests than concrete, but they both do not hold a candle to metal roofing. Metal roofing is not only a couple of inches thick but it is treated with special chemicals and refined during the manufacturing process so there are no weak points whatsoever, allowing it to survive for well over a hundred years in most cases.

Metal Is Easier to Maintain

You are always going to have to do some maintenance work on your roof, no matter what material it is. With tiles, you need to be continuously repairing the ridge, as well as all the mortar fixtures, such as around the flashing and in between tiles. Then you might have some tiles that actually need to be replaced because they crack sooner than the others. Metal roofing is one singular sheet (sometimes two) that covers the vast majority of your roof. This singular piece means it is far stronger and also far easier to maintain. There are no hidden gaps or edges, what you see is what you get and you know what to do as soon as you get up on it. 

Metal Gets Put Up Quicker

Because it is just a couple of specifically manufactured sheets of metal that fit your spatial requirements, metal is very easy to lift into place. There is no time-consuming placement of individual tiles, just a few anchoring points that connect your metal roof to the frame beneath and then you are ready to go. In fact, the longest part of a metal roof replacement is often taking down the remnants of the previous roof.